We started our shop by recognising Chan's utter love for stationery! Added to this, we are both very creative and love to doodle, draw, paint and design - it only seemed natural that we should combine those qualities with the love and start up MarshmallowStudio.

We are a husband and wife team that started off with a little stall at a local market at the age of 17, the years that have rolled by since then have taught us so much within the business' we have managed and operated. From Potpourri, to Ornaments, to Candles, Food and Catering, we have a wide background, but mostly the drive to make both gorgeous and functional goodies!

Our one goal is happiness; after many years in a demanding office job, Chan has stuck her heels in and is determined that we are going to succeed to the max so that she can finally pursue her dream and do what she loves to do full time.

Its been months of planning, hard work and research, but all totally worth it, and all super exciting now that we are here gazing at our open shop and filling it up :0

We strongly believe that you are capable of anything, and that dreams turn into plans. Always stay positive and Follow your Heart.
We hope to see you again, until then, as they say in Australia, G'Day Mate, have a good one!

Love MarshMallowStudio (Chan & Kev)