Dear UK & EU Friends,

Please note that we do not collect taxes or duties so these charges will be payable on delivery of your order to relevant authorities.  We recommend that you find out what these charges are, as each country is different and has their own requirements.  

Shipping Costs (as per Australia Post):


0 - 250g = AUD $24.00 (approx. GBP 12.02) 
251g - 500g = AUD $26.00 (approx. GBP 13.12) 

0 - 250g = AUD $24.00 (approx. 15.00 EUR)
251 - 500g = AUD $28.00 (approx. 17.00 EUR)

*The above costs include tracked shipping which is the required method of shipment to capture electronic data customs requires for clearance & delivery.
*Shipping costs are based on Australia Post guidelines and are subject to change.

See FAQ for information on discounted shipping rates.

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Hope that we have made this as easy as possible for you!

Chan & Kev xx