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Welcome to the Marshmallow Blog!

Kev and I wanted to start a newsletter so we can stay in touch, and of course let you in on VIP info, sneaks, and general yakkety shmackety if you want a fun read!

So this is yakkety shmackety number 1.

In this first edition, I thought I would write a little about Kev and I, and the process of our business, so here goes!  Enjoy the novel 😊

The beginning:

Marshmallow Studio is just over a year old now, when we started, we knew nothing. Printers, cutters, sticker paper, selling applications, suppliers, photography, you name it, we had no clue.

All we had was a dream based on my ridiculous love for stationery and our creative side.

I oddly fell into the planner world by making jewelry and selling charms; in a roundabout way, it led me to the planner community and when I saw it, I knew it was for me.  How on earth I did not know this existed is beyond me, but, at the same time, it was like finally finding my pot at the end of a rainbow!

I had been an avid scrapbooker and always made all sorts of things with all sorts of items in order to have my own creations which I would share with friends and family.

Did you know?:

We were going to call our business “kisscutco”, and at the last minute before opening our Etsy store, we changed it to Marshmallow Studio.

Our early sticker sheets were huge and we still have some that we look back on and laugh about as they could be used as blankets!


Fast forward – Marshmallow Studio today:

Today, our sticker paper is a premium matte silky paper which we get specially manufactured; it took blood sweat tears and months to find it – it’s astonishing how much work is involved in finding good sticker paper, so, don’t forget the leg work planner bosses have done to get there!  To be able to produce the various item we offer, we have 3 different printers, and 6 cutting machines which run and can produce 24 sticker sheets at a time.

Other items we have to have lots of stock of is ink for all printers, blades and mats for the cutting machines, cellophane bags, hard mailers, envelopes, parcel bags and mailer boxes; we also have a Dymo label printer which prints address labels thermally thus making it a fast and reliable system.  Let’s not forget stamps….

Did you know?:

We have a sticker storage system that holds 2 sticker variations per pigeon hole, and each slot has a minimum of 24 sheets ready to send at any time.  Currently our sticker wall has 500 pigeon holes for sticker sheets 😊


How did we know what to sell:

We didn’t.  Plain and simple. 

Today, we have a better idea, but the planner world is like fashion to us, ever changing, ever new.  With this, our thing was to always be different and fresh and that’s why you don’t see us focusing on one thing.  I mean, I like carrots but do you?  We are all different so Kev and I like to offer different things and hope there is something for everyone.

Did you know?:

We use Procreate, Photoshop and good old fashioned paper to design and draw all we do!

Our vision:

An empire!!!  No jokes.  We want Marshmallow Studio to be your one stop.  As we grow rapidly, the most important thing to us is customer care and I can tell you, when we have a million followers one day, you will still receive the service you do today as there is honestly nothing else that means more to us than happy customers.

As a side note, I will tell you why it’s important to us; we hate bad service!!!!  It drives us nuts, so in turn, if the shoe is on the other foot, we are going to wear it properly!




That’s about it if you made it this far.

If you’re new to Marshmallow Studio, or just didn’t know, our usual release day is a Friday.  We chop and change between stickers, accessories and washi tape, so keep an eye out for posts on Instagram ( @_marshmallowstudio_ ) and our Facebook group.

Don’t forget that if at any time you want to stop in and chat to us about something, you’ll find our email address in the contact section of our website.

Last but not least, thank-you.  If there was better words to use, we would, but I tell you, you have no idea how much your support and comradery means to us on a daily basis.  You’re a rainbow in our day.

 Kind Regards,

Chan and Kev x

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